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Why Ayurveda is Important in Managaement of Cough, Cold and Flu?

For centuries and ancient cultures, people have relied on traditional herbs to meet their educational needs. Despite medical and technological advancements, natural remedies and medications are accessible and conventional sources to get quick relief. Herbal medicines are effective in treating prolonged cough, sore throat, cold and others, and have shown positive responses in irritation and pain.

Pollution, climatic effects, seasonal flu can cause havoc on our throats and impact our overall immunity. Ancient medical science, Ayurveda, is the world’s oldest holistic healing system and aims to preserve health and wellness. Ayurveda has herbs and spices with science-backed health benefits that effectively treat Sore throat, cough, and cold. Despite medical and technological advancements of the modern era, the demand for herbal remedies is surprising.

The common cold and the flu are spread by airborne droplets and are more prevalent in fall and winter months for several reasons: people are indoors more and in closer proximity, schools are in session, and lower humidity causes dry air passages and makes them more susceptible to Cold and Cough. Symptoms of the common cold are runny nose, congestion, scratchy or sore throat, sneezing, mild fatigue, headache, and low-grade fever. Symptoms of the flu can be similar to a cold; however, the flu more commonly presents with a higher fever, body aches, fatigue, and headache. Mild to moderate cases of the cold and flu are usually treated with rest, fluids, and symptom management with Herbal way of OTC medications.


Kofrut Products contains a blend of natural and organic ingredients that are formulated to provide effective relief from tickling throat and irritating coughs. It includes antiseptic herbs and spices that are mild antiseptics and helps to kill bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections, along with numbing the throat and relieving stuffiness in the nose.


With active all-natural ingredients, salivating Kofrut Products reduces dryness and stimulates the production of saliva that lubricates the irritated tissues of the throat. Menthol and other Glycosides & Alkaloid containing Herbs acts as an anaesthetic to ease the pain and soothe the throat, while active ingredients have cough suppression properties.


Carrying your cough syrup everywhere can be inconvenient; Kofrut Lozenges provide organic ingredients based on-the-go solutions to overcome sore throat, bad breath, and fostering an immune system. For years, we have been investing time, dedication, and efforts to get premium quality products that promote immune health and soothe dry and scratchy throats.

With years of experience, Kofrut has been helping communities to get relief from sore and painful throats naturally. All our quality herbs and ingredients are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers that promote healthy communities and well-being.

From the first tickle to congestion and cough that ends up in your chest, Kofrut is there to support along each step with the goodness of nature that stands by your side from beginning to end. Our lozenges and Oral Spray are fast-acting to provide quick sore throat relief, max numbing, and max cooling relief, leaving you a fresh breath and a relieved throat.